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When My Baby Died

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resource Hub
Curated by Loss Parents for Loss Parents

"When my baby died" is a phrase no parent expects nor should ever have to utter. By its very nature, such a phrase creates cognitive dissonance because it defies the natural order of life; yet, those words have left many parents' lips, including mine. 


Nathaniel Wyatt was born and subsequently died in February 2022 our world changed into a distinct before and after. We were flooded with questions, decisions, and unknowns in the hours, days, and months prior to and after his death. 

We struggled with the complexity of what comes next when your baby dies. We were not sure how to care for his body; how we were to make meaningful memories or even honor his brief but impactful life. We were bombarded with questions, from the hospital, family, and together, that revolved around memorials, urns, funerals, medical bills, and support groups. We did not have answers.


Relying on the technology at hand, I took to Google to see if there was anyone out there who had some wisdom and guidance on what to do. But there was no one-stop-shop that summarized where I could find resource information for life after your baby dies. I was inundated with so much information that I had to stop searching. We were so deep in shock, trauma, and grief that the overwhelm took precedence, and all I could think was “How do I even know where to start?” and "I don't want to have to do this."


"When My Baby Died" is a resource hub for an ever-evolving and growing set of resources, questions to consider, and supports curated by loss parents for loss parents. If "When My Baby Died" can help to lighten the load for one family as they approach each of these unbearable stages and questions this website has achieved its goal.  While this website would be helpful for any pregnant person or their partner, as part of any pregnancy preparation, it aims to provide resources for the critical stages immediately after devastating news and the life after you leave your baby's body.

Likely, you have found this website because your baby or babies have died or might not live long after birth. Our stories will each be unique and exceptionally painful but you are welcome here. We see you and we want to know your babies.

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