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Traditions, Rituals, and Routines

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and everything in-between

How you celebrate and honor your baby is an ever-evolving process. What feels good one day might not feel right the next. Below are some ideas for how to build important rituals and traditions with your baby. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Overtime our traditions have developed, and each parent may find that different activities bring meaning for them.

Ideas - What do you do to honor and stay close to your baby?

  • Say your baby's name. Daily. Multiple times a day.

  • Put photos of your baby around your home, your office desk, on your bedside table, on your phone or computer screen

  • Give your baby's urn/photo or other meaningful items a kiss and hug each morning and/or night

  • Make your passwords your baby(ies) names

  • Make your pin your baby(ies) birthday

  • Read to your baby

  • Create an altar or place in your house with photos and meaningful items dedicated just to your baby

  • Get holiday and event-specific items for your baby's altar, urn, or memory area

  • Take some of your baby's ashes, meaningful items or a photo with you on a trip

  • Create a garden or plant a tree in their honor

  • Eat foods that remind you of them on certain holidays or anniversaries

  • Play music or a song that reminds you of your baby

  • Light a candle nightly, weekly, monthly, or yearly in honor of your baby

  • Wear a piece of jewelry or item that has their name or initials

  • Make a donation in their name to an organization of meaning

  • Get a tattoo with their name, foot or handprints, or a symbol

  • Wear a shirt or sweater with your baby's name on it

  • Create a plaque to visit with your baby's name on it

  • Celebrate your baby's birthdays with a party, cake, or other activities to recognize their life and impact

  • Talk to their current and/or future earthside siblings about them - include them in conversation

  • Give photos of your baby to family members to put up in their houses (even if not asked for) so you can see them when you go over

  • Create a photo book/album or memorial box of all items that remind you of your baby

  • Visit your baby's grave site (if applicable)

  • Write a letter or notes to your baby

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