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Memory Box for Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Memory boxes are an important part of many bereaved parents’ journey, since they are a special place for families to store meaningful items they have collected through their baby’s pregnancy, birth and in the years that follow.
Organizations that make memory boxes for pregnancy and infant loss come in many different shapes and sizes. Each organization has a unique mission. Below are a list of memory box creators. Please reach out to learn more if this box is right for your needs.


UK Based Memory Boxes

4Louis Memory Boxes are a place for parents and families to create and keep memories of their baby or child and are gifted free of charge.

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Cradling Memories

The Milo James Coe Foundation

Cradling Memories' mission is to provide perinatal families anticipating a limited life or experiencing a loss with resources to make a lifetime of memories. No family should have to leave the hospital without their baby. When they do, it is their goal to ensure they have memories of their baby to cradle.


Everly's Angel Foundation

Everly After Boxes

A main focus of the foundation is to provide memory-making opportunities for parents during end-of-life moments with their baby or child. It's the heart of the foundation that parents be afforded every opportunity to preserve vital and precious memories.  Parents can never be prepared to lose their child.  It's not the natural order of things.  Everly's Angels help think for a newly bereaved parent when the grief grabs hold.  At this crucial time, we want these broken parents to have the resources they need to create lasting memories.  One way we do this is through the "Everly After" Box Program.


Grief Watch

Infant Loss Memory Box

A simple memory box that contains books and memorial items to honor the death of a baby.  Available in neutral, pink, or blue. Includes: When Hello Means Goodbye, a guide for parents whose baby dies.


Katherine's Light Foundation

Making Change Possible

An individually created Sunshine Box is designed for bereaved families of infants or children who received a life-limiting diagnosis immediately following the loss of a child.

LaurelBox Mis.jpg

LaurelBox (Miscarriage)

Curated Miscarriage Care Packages

It can be a challenge to know how to show your love and care to someone who has experienced a miscarriage. Consider a sympathy gift or one of LaurelBox' miscarriage care packages to share your support as they navigate this heartbreaking time. Our pregnancy loss gift boxes are tailored specifically to be given as a gift for someone who has had a miscarriage, and are a wonderful way to express your love for them at a time when finding the right words can be challenging. Give a baby loss gift that will help bring some peace and reflection to help carry them through this time of grief and loss, and show them that they have you as a source of strength and support. *Also consider LaurelBox's Bereaved Mother Boxes*

LaurelBox PAIL.jpg

LaurelBox (Bereaved Mother)

Memory box for bereaved parent

It can be a challenge to know how to show your love and care to a bereaved mother. Consider one of LaurelBox's unique bereavement gifts to share your support as they manage this heartbreaking time.

Our specially curated grief gifts are made specifically to be given to bereaved mothers, and are a wonderful way to express your care for them at a time when finding the right words can be challenging. Finding the right bereavement gift for parents who have lost a child can help them know that they have you for support, and can prove to be a source of strength as they navigate this time of loss.  *Also consider LaurelBox's Miscarriage Boxes*


Mattie's Memory

Memory bags for families in Southeastern Wisconsin

Mattie’s Memory is an organization that was created in Mattie's memory and honor in October 2012 and aims to help Southeastern Wisconsin-based hospitals with memory bags and bereavement information.


Rachel's Gift

Keepsake Box

When Rachel's Gift provides keepsake boxes to families experiencing the loss of a baby, they are providing them with a lifetime reminder and a physical connection to the child that was only in their arms a matter of minutes or hours.


Sands Memory Box

For professionals supporting bereavement care

Sands memory boxes are a fundamental tool for professionals to deliver good bereavement care, because they help families to establish a positive connection with their babies by utilising the items inside to record details, produce physical evidence of their babies’ lives and start forging a parental bond that will endure after saying goodbye.

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