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Financial Supports

PAIL can add financial woes which can create additional levels of trauma and lasting burden

The financial impact once your baby or babies die is unexpected and costly. Whether its medical bills, autopsy/pathology costs, funeral/memorial/burial costs, urn/casket costs, the list goes on and on. Not to mention for most of us in the US do not have a paid family leave and often it is no longer applicable especially if your baby has died. This section covers a number of organizations and considerations to help lessen the financial burden.

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Financial Assistance Often Forgotten

Funeral Homes

Many funeral homes in the US will cremate free of cost for an infant of one year old or younger. They may also offer other funeral costs free of charge or at a highly discounted rate. You do not have to hold the funeral/memorial at that location to benefit from those services.

Consider asking your hospital's social worker for support by calling a few different local funeral homes on your behalf for pricing.

Health Insurance

If your child lived earthside even briefly, they are likely eligible to be put on your health insurance plan for the day of their time on earth. Any and all medical costs can then be submitted to insurance.

For example, with Nathaniel, we got 15k of medical bills. Once I called and got him onto our insurance plan, we were able to have the hospital resubmit the bills to insurance.

Child Life Insurance

If your baby lived for a few hours, days, weeks, or months, you are likely eligible for a child life insurance policy. Sometimes these are available through employers or you can sign up for them.

MetLife offers a child life insurance policy and has been easy to work with. Birth and death certificates are needed documentation as the submission.

Forgiveness of Infant Medical Bill by Hospital

Some hospitals, for example, Children's Hospital in Boston partners with other local adult-based hospitals, and will forgive your child's medical expenses if your infant dies. Ask your hospital whether they have a policy like this.

Organizations Providing Financial Assistance

If you are looking for financial assistance and don't see one that is applicable for you or your location, please reach out so we can do some additional digging.

To help you get the most out of your insurance benefits: not location specific

Aubrey's Advocates can help you get a true understanding of your insurance coverage and benefits, support employer advocacy for benefits, medical billing advocacy, explanation of benefits support, and provide provider's education too.

Sometimes medical costs will be forgiven for a child who passes away

Below are the qualifications for financial assistance.

  • The family must be current residents of the United States.

  • The baby was at least 20 gestational weeks old, with no respirations, heartbeats or signs of life.

The Securing End-of-Life Expenses (SEOLE), pronounced “soul,” program provides assistance with autopsy, funeral, burial and cremation expenses. Funding is sent to the service provider (i.e. funeral home). Families complete a brief “REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE” form and submit an itemized invoice/estimate from the service provider.

A baby loss resource page with a list of 13 organizations providing financial assistance for PAIL.

Organizations include support for managing insurance claims, free financial aid for miscarriage, stillbirth, life-limiting diagnosis, or infant loss (typically ranging from $500-1000), for medical and/or funeral expenses include: 

  • Aubrey's Advocate

  • A Mom's Peace

  • Coette Louise Foundation

  • Hayden's Helping Hands

  • Fletcher Foundation

  • Love, Jessica

  • Luca John Foundation

  • Noelle's Light

  • Rebecca's Reason

  • Savannah's Smiles

  • Skyler's Gift

  • Tears Foundation

  • Walk in the Sunshine

Financial Support for those in Utah

The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation was set up to help families with funeral expenses whose babies were “born sleeping”. Here are a few steps we need to cover in order to help with your funeral expenses. Please review the qualifications before submitting your application.
– The family must provide the medical release information below to qualify for assistance.
– The baby who has passed was stillborn and at least 24 gestational weeks old.
These qualifications must be met in order to apply for funeral assistance from the FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation.

Emma's Footprints

When a family experiences pregnancy or infant loss, the last thing they want to think about is a funeral or memorial services, let alone the cost of those services. At Emma’s, we provide financial assistance to families in their time of need, to help ease the financial strain this unthinkable loss can place on them. Our assistance programs help with funeral and memorialization costs, as well as burial and cremation expenses.

Support for families in Pennsylvania

Whether you lost your baby today, or years ago, your grief and pain are valid. We hate to be connected with you through loss, but we want you to know that we are here and hope to provide you and your family comfort and support. 

Please complete the ARF Support Form below which lists out different supports and services we provide. We will be in touch soon.

At this time, we are only able to provide financial assistance for memorial costs and send unsponsored care packages to families in PA.

Financial assistance for families in Louisiana

If you are experiencing a loss by miscarriage, stillbirth or death of an infant up to one year of age and are in need of financial assistance, Maddie’s Footprints would like to help. Assistance is available for Funeral Expenses, Medical Bills, and Counseling.

Financial assistance for families in the Metro Detroit, MI area

The cost of an infant burial or cremation is unexpected and heavy – it is not something any parent should have had to prepare for. The RJF covers many different costs associated with an infant death.

For families in the Albany, NY area, no matter the gestational age of the infant.

The Ohana Foundation provides financial assistance for funeral expenses for babies. There is no gestation minimum. We believe every family should be able to honor their child exactly the way they want, regardless of the cost. *Financial assistance must be applied for with the help of a funeral director. Gift amount is reflective of financial need.

Burial and cremation assistance for Connecticut families

Our Burial and Cremation Assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income parents in Connecticut who cannot afford a burial or cremation following the loss of a pregnancy or infant. Referrals for this program come from medical providers, mental health clinicians, social workers, or from families themselves.

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