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When My Baby Died... A bit of a morbid title, no?

When My Baby Died (WMBD) aims to be the resource I wish I had had when I woke up after my emergency C-section and no longer felt my baby inside of me and had no idea whether my baby was alive or dead. I wish I had had someone say, so you can just focus on your grief, when you're looking for information, here is your one stop shop.

While some, likely those all too unfamiliar with pregnancy and infant loss (PAIL) would say, that's the title of your website?! I would like to respond with a simple yes. It is straightforward, to the point, and doesn't beat around the bush. All too often pregnancy and infant loss is so taboo we must be hushed about it. No longer. This website aims to call out the supports and resources that take too long to find because our medical providers, hospital systems, and society are not educated on them, so once again leaving the burden of information gathering on the shoulders of grieving parents.

So here is the honest answer, this website is incomplete. It always will be. There is always room for growth, need for feedback and incorporation of different perspectives. I hope anyone who visits this site will reach out with that they like, don't, recommendations, and needs.

Now, a quick word on the symbol of WMBD is a robin looking out the window at the earth. Or that's how I'd like to think of it. Nathaniel has long come to be as a robin. That is his primary sign, and so rightfully he takes center stage. He is looking out of the window of his world down on us here on earth hoping to help us figure out how to put the pieces of our lives back together.

It is my sincerest wish that WMBD helps you put one foot in front of the other a little easier, or if you fall down (which we all do) it'll provide ways to get back up.

With much love,

Sarah, Amy and Nathaniel

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